batch print

by Jessica Bibbee

The OLOGYPSY Zine is printed four to a page: 4 (2.75″ x 8.5) = 8.5″x11. For cost analysis and stats, distribution will likewise be in multiples of 4.

Micro font (3+) atop bleached card stock begs for the highest DPI print setting on a specialty paper setting. While in bleached/natural paper was the original vision, clarity of content has won the first round, with the haunting of the first annual mid-Michigan Zine Fair nipping at my heels. The search for a more quality paper is not lost however.

The highest resolution and a less than industrious printer (HP Photosmart 4500) converge into a time-demanding print process, at just over 6 minutes per page (simplex). The OLOGyPSY is hand-fed duplexed, and at a total first-distribution reaching 200, I’ll be executing and monitoring a 600-minute (10 hour) production.

If the Ologypsy can repair her Samsung ML-1600 in time for V1-I2, many hours will be spared!

The sweetness of the first harvest:

The OLOGYPSY: Batch Print