The OLOGYPSY is a mostly textual and always visual concoction made of the interwoven tendrils of existence, culminating into a stimulating experience.  Big ideas in a small footprint, The OLOGYPSY is a warp of simplicity woven with a weft of complexity, all in the space of a bookmark. Whimsical and profound, The OLOGYPSY encourages Brobdingnagian thought in Lilliputian space.

Read it.

Chew on it.

Take it with you.

Pass it on.

The OLOGYPSY is delivered unto you after a dream-like gestational period of roughly 7 months, culminating into its shared state during the early fall of 2013. As with all things conceived, it is and will continue to be an evolution of existence.

The OLOGYPSY was fathomed with the purpose to not only share the tangents of my mind, but also to collaborate, with a diverse readership. Ipso facto, your illimitable collaboration is desired and your unencumbered contributions are encouraged (see Guestology). Your direct and honest feedforward is always valued (see Contact).

The OLOGYPSY Zine, with its debut circulation in early October, is a black and white tangible publication to be featured in intimate circulation in the southeast corner of Michigan’s lower peninsula, as well as select frequented venues in her fraternal sisterland, Los Angeles, California. The OLOGYPSY online apparition parallels in full color.

The OLOGYPSY Zine encompasses an inclusive area of 42.5 square inches (8.5 x 2.5 inches, duplexed) and is set to display a grayscale of visuals printed on crisp white card stock with high contrast, once monthly, and distributed nationally, pro bono publico.

The OLOGYPSY is a publication of experimental expression by Jessica Bibbee.